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Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking at AFP Vancouver‘s breakfast event as part of a panel discussing the issue of retention in our profession.

In an environment where high turnover has become the norm, we have to find ways to encourage good people to stay. Advancement within the organization was identified as one of the ways to keep talent. Instilling a culture of ongoing professional development in an organization is part of that. However, employees should not expect that it will all be organized and handed to them. We have to be proactive about our own professional development. Identify where you want to be, discuss with your manager what pieces are missing, and then strategically work on developing those areas.

One of the points that were brought up was training in management. Often strong fundraisers get promoted to management positions with little experience leading people. Some audience members suggested management and leadership programs at the Justice Institute and at Vantage Point. I also found some certificate programs (including non-profit management certificates) at SFU.

And here are some more professional development opportunities that came across my desk…



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