Avoid the Drama and Get Things Done!

By Phil Gérard

People often complain about how busy they are and how difficult it is to keep a good balance with all the different priorities they have to juggle.

Would it not make sense for us to make more time for important things? At work and in our private life? Something that those of us who have worked remotely may have noticed is that while working alone can be isolating – one can get things done in less time!

As much as it is healthy to have good workplace relationships, chitter chatter and other drama at work often takes more of our time than it should. The more we can protect our time to focus on our important tasks the better. Here are some tips to keep your focus, protect your time and quite frankly your sanity.

  • It’s ok to close the door sometimes! Dedicate times of silence so you can focus on the really important things. Having an open door policy is not a bad thing especially for managers who want to be approachable. But you need times without interruptions too and that includes phone and email. Even if it is just an hour a day.
  • Avoid gossip. Stay professional and don’t engage in it. Once you start it is hard to go back. Soon you may become the person everyone seeks out to vent.
  • Don’t invite interruptors if you don’t want to talk. Look focussed when people come by your office. Often the smallest eye contact invites the person to start a conversation.
  • A great tactic to get interruptors out of your office is to get up and walk towards your door.

I sound like an expert, but trust me, I learned from my own mistakes and weaknesses. It is not easy, especially for someone like me who is easily distracted and social. But if you try these tactics you may be able to save half an hour or an hour even two to be more productive so you can actually get out of the office at the time you should.

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